Do you accept Amazon Returns?

Not Exactly.  We cannot accept the QR code you often get when returning an item from Amazon.  If you can print out a carrier label we can accept that like any other package.

In short because Amazon will not allow us.  We are a family-owned independent store and we are working with industry partners to try to get Amazon to allow us to accept their returns.

  1. Go to your Amazon App.
  2. Select Your Orders
  3. Select the items you are returning
  4. Select view Return/Refund Status
  5. Select Cancel Return
  6. Select Cancel Return Again
  7. Select Back
  8. Select your return reason: Inaccurate Website Description
  9. Select your Refund Option
  10. PRINT or Email Label to

Not if you have the lab el affixed to the box and it is properly taped.  If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry, we only charge $1.50 to print a label and tape your box so it can be returned it